The M.E.T. Begins

Welcome to my newly repurposed and branded blog to serve as an Ed Tech Learning Log over the course of the M.E.T. Program. Bear with me as it gets up and running, and customised enough to my satisfaction! It has been some time since I last used WordPress (I transitioned my posts to a personal site that contains a blog), so I am re-familiarising myself with all of the options. It is somewhat overwhelming. If you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know! I do not believe the colour palette or typographical scheme are showing up correctly so bare with me if it seems hideous.

The summer is starting to get warm, and while I’m not sure how heavy the monsoon season will actually be (some years it is quite dry), I’m looking forward to celebrating the journey with everyone although trading in the views of the mountains and even the city pale somewhat to staring at my computer most of the day. Below is a picture of when my graduate students had a ChiMek (pronounce chee meh k) party (i.e. Chicken and Beer) along the Han River at the end of one of our courses recently the in Spring. Perhaps we’ll figure out a way to do this digitally!



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