Code of Professional Ethics in Educational Technology

By examining the role of ethics in educational technology, in addition to specific provisions of the AECT’s code, I was able to look at the historical development and purpose of professional ethic, as well as compare them (i.e. the provisions) to other such codes in organisations that I have been a member of. The idea itself is not novel to me as a former member of the United States Marine Corps that outlines very specific rules, regulations, and guidelines to assist a service member in decision making (e.g. The 11 General Orders, The Code of Conduct).

Since I have had the fortune of working in the educational technology field over the last few years, there were several examples I could draw on to re-examine under new light using the AECT’s Code of Professional Ethics. This provided some new insight into how much more complex some of the conflicts were, and more probably, how they will typically always be in the messiness of the real world. As in my example, I imagine there will always be constant cross over among the 3 broad commitments at any given time for a particular ethical conflict, making it always necessary to critically think about the dynamic relationships between so many groups and do one’s best to problem solve in order to treat everyone equitably.

You can use the link below to see my detailed analysis and exploration of professional ethics in the context of educational technology.


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