EDTECH 504: Learning Log Reflection

The most important aspect of the semester was the ability to explore various learning theories in the context of professional interests (i.e. teacher-training). The personalised and constructive nature of several of the assignments (e.g. Learning Theories Comparison, Annotated Bibliography, Synthesis Paper) challenged me to explore how each theory was not only rooted but applicable. One … More EDTECH 504: Learning Log Reflection

Online Course Design & Moodle

As a former technology integration specialist I was once responsible for evaluating, selecting, and ultimately deploying 2 learning management systems (Edmodo and Alma) and a GAFE suite to the international school I formerly worked at. In my previous master’s program I was able to explore building online courses and their orientations in Blackboard Course Sites. … More Online Course Design & Moodle

Characteristics of “Presence”

Presence In the past when determining how users or learners might interact at a distance, especially when looking through an instructional design perspective, I had never given much thought to the concept of presence. This is particularly true in corporate training or work environments where regardless of volition, people will interact as a function of … More Characteristics of “Presence”

Initial Thoughts On Addressing Online Learners and The Effectiveness of Online Education

Question Where are you on the Grow’s Staged Self-Directed Learning Model described in Stavredes (2011)? What is the implication of this model for you as an online teacher? Of the all of the readings and materials this week, the most fascinating, perhaps because they are almost immediately applicable in any teaching context, were two models … More Initial Thoughts On Addressing Online Learners and The Effectiveness of Online Education

The M.E.T. Begins

Welcome to my newly repurposed and branded blog to serve as an Ed Tech Learning Log over the course of the M.E.T. Program. Bear with me as it gets up and running, and customised enough to my satisfaction! It has been some time since I last used WordPress (I transitioned my posts to a personal … More The M.E.T. Begins