Educational Technology: A Definition & Visualisation

The definition posed by the AECT via Januszewski and Molenda (2008) touches on a number of ideas and themes, but what stands out to me the most is the fact that “educational technology” is perhaps a simple a label for a rather complex and dynamic set of principles. I have often used the definition presented … More Educational Technology: A Definition & Visualisation

RSS In Education

I’ve personally been using an RSS Reader named Leaf for some time simply so I can stay up to date on my most frequently read blogs or sites without having to actually go check (e.g. Omni Group, Ulysses). In a professional capacity, I used to use the RSS function in Edmodo to subscribe my classes … More RSS In Education

Digital Inequality: On The High End Of The Digital Divide

It has been interesting examine the concept and reality of the digital divide in my personal sociopolitical, economic, and cultural contexts. I am originally from the 3rd largest city in the U.S., Chicago, and now live in Seoul, the largest city in South Korea. Both environments feel similar from a developmental perspective though they both … More Digital Inequality: On The High End Of The Digital Divide

The M.E.T. Begins

Welcome to my newly repurposed and branded blog to serve as an Ed Tech Learning Log over the course of the M.E.T. Program. Bear with me as it gets up and running, and customised enough to my satisfaction! It has been some time since I last used WordPress (I transitioned my posts to a personal … More The M.E.T. Begins