Educational Technology: A Definition & Visualisation

The definition posed by the AECT via Januszewski and Molenda (2008) touches on a number of ideas and themes, but what stands out to me the most is the fact that “educational technology” is perhaps a simple a label for a rather complex and dynamic set of principles. I have often used the definition presented … More Educational Technology: A Definition & Visualisation

Code of Professional Ethics in Educational Technology

By examining the role of ethics in educational technology, in addition to specific provisions of the AECT’s code, I was able to look at the historical development and purpose of professional ethic, as well as compare them (i.e. the provisions) to other such codes in organisations that I have been a member of. The idea … More Code of Professional Ethics in Educational Technology

The M.E.T. Begins

Welcome to my newly repurposed and branded blog to serve as an Ed Tech Learning Log over the course of the M.E.T. Program. Bear with me as it gets up and running, and customised enough to my satisfaction! It has been some time since I last used WordPress (I transitioned my posts to a personal … More The M.E.T. Begins